Kyle’s drive to succeed and passion has been evident throughout his entire life, most notably during his professional career. His passion for engineering, machining, fabrication, and welding was realized from a very young age. Kyle began a precision machining vocational program while working at Fenton Manufacturing (Saybrook, Ohio) at the age of sixteen. His ability and desire to learn was acknowledged within six months of working at Fenton as Kyle received pay raises and personalized machinist training. During this time, Kyle began purchasing his own equipment and founded Eighty-Sixed Engineering, LLC in his parent’s garage. Within two years, Kyle refined his skillset in machining and further developed welding and fabrication proficiency. This led to his employment in the aerospace industry at Component Repair Technologies (Mentor, Ohio), signifying a substantial career advancement for a machinist. Kyle worked alongside formally trained Engineers helping to develop innovative tooling and new repairs. After five years, the opportunity to work closer to home with a company and facility that holds deep family ties presented itself. Kyle accepted a position with Norfolk Southern, Ashtabula Coal Pier as a water treatment plant operator. It was humbling for Kyle to accept a position at the location where his grandfather, Ray Bruckman worked for over 20 years, and tragically lost his life in 1986. Being an I.L.A. Local 1913 member, Kyle took an interest in familiarizing himself with the labor contract and labor laws. The Union membership took notice and after two years, nominated Kyle to run for President, which he won overwhelming by taking 75% of the vote. Shortly after the election, Norfolk Southern decided to idle the dock and furlough the Union workforce, including Kyle’s position with the company. While on furlough, in 2016, the opportunity to manage City Taxi Cab and Black Eagle Moving presented itself. Kyle’s grandfather, Anthony Angelo, purchased and operated City Taxi Cab since 1971 and founded Black Eagle Moving Company in 2006. Kyle worked alongside his grandfather for nearly a year until his death in July 2017, when Kyle purchased both companies. Under Kyle’s management, City Taxi Cab was completely out of debt within 17 months. To further invest in Ashtabula, Kyle purchased a 5,700 sq. ft. vacant building in disrepair to maintain and service City Taxi Cab’s fleet of over 30 vehicles. Kyle personally invested his time, completely renovating the property and building, establishing the new home of Eighty Sixed Engineering, LLC. This new property is solely managed and operated by Kyle and one full time certified mechanic.